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DNB Nordic Equities is an equity fund invested in the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland) whose objective is to generate long-term alpha and which applies a strict ESG approach excluding companies in tobacco, controversial and conventional weapons, pornography, coal, fossil fuels, alcohol and gambling, among other sectors.

The fund, managed by Øyvind Fjell and his team, also applies "inclusion" filters to integrate green businesses into the portfolio, particularly in the renewable energy, biofuels and circular economy segments.

“The Nordic markets offer great and innovative companies with a strong focus on sustainable development. Climate change is an issue that has been taken seriously for a long time, which allows us to have a wide choice of mature companies to choose from, which stand out both in terms of financial and ESG performance; both being equally important to generate long-term outperformance ”, indicates Øyvind Fjell.

"In a context where ESG management and regulation around responsible investments are changing rapidly, investors are more than ever in the need for ways to compare and analyses funds better. As an asset manager we owe our clients the necessary tools that enable the comparison of investment products. SRI labels serves as a warrant that an external control has been carried out on the ESG process of the fund. We are delighted that DNB Nordic Equities has been awarded the Towards Sustainability label; an evidence of our rigorous process and of our convictions with regards to responsible investments”, comments Mike Judith.

DNB Asset Management is one of the pioneers of responsible investment. As early as 1988, the investment company introduced social, ethical and environmental investment criteria which are applied to all investment funds. DNB AM has already obtained the German SRI label FNG and the Luxflag Environment for other funds in their range; DNB Nordic Equities is the first to obtain the Towards Sustainability label.

The DNB Nordic Equities fund reached an annualized performance of 18.26% over 3 years.

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