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At DNB Asset Management, we have been developing ESG investments for 30 years and we are now launching a new sustainability fund - DNB Future Waves.

DNB Future Waves is co-managed by Isabelle Juillard Thompsen and Audun Wickstrand Iversen, who each has 20 years of experience in portfolio management, and particularly in ESG investing.The fund, which will invest in equity markets globally, focuses on investments aligning with 11 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), within the investment themes of Blue Economy (37%), Green Economy (31%), Climate (19%) and Quality of Life (12%).

“The ocean is equivalent to the seventh largest economy in the world. The OECD estimates that for example, with the right investments in new and old business areas, the maritime industry can grow twice as fast as the global economy by 2030”, reports Isabelle Juillard Thompsen, co-portfolio manager of the fund. “Ecologically, all life on earth depends on the ocean. More than half of the oxygen we breathe comes from the ocean and absorbs 21 % of the planet's CO2 emissions. ”

DNB Future Waves complements our rapidly expanding fund range

“Demand from investors for funds that focus on both return and sustainability rose again exponentially in 2021,” says Mike Judith, Head of International Sales and Managing Director of DNB AM S.A in Luxembourg. ”Our aim is to offer our investor products that are adapted to their needs. Also, the availability of data and its correct analysis have become more and more important for sustainability funds,” adds Judith. “DNB AM has developed its own ESG LAB for this purpose. This defines, develops, collects, categorizes, analyzes and presents secondary and primary data on the direct and indirect effects of industries and companies on the 17 UN sustainability goals. This is the investment base for all of DNB AM's portfolios.”

In terms of sector allocation, the fund has a strong overweight to industrial companies with a 40% weight compared to the MSCI World’s 10%. On the second place with 15% are investments in companies in the consumer staples sector, followed by information technology (12%) and recyclable materials (10%). "One third of the companies come from the Nordic countries, one fifth come from the USA, followed by France and fourthly Switzerland, which sets a strong focus on the circular economy", Thompsen comments on the geographical breakdown.

About DNB

DNB Asset Management S.A. is a leading Nordic asset manager offering products within the Nordic asset classes and in selected thematic areas. It is 100% owned by the DNB ASA Group, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, which is one of the most successful financial service providers in Scandinavia.

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