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The shareholders of DNB Fund - Norway Investment Grade, a sub-fund of DNB Fund (the “Sub-Fund”) are informed by the present notice that the board of directors of DNB Fund (the “Board of directors”) has decided to liquidate the Sub-Fund with the effective date of 30 December 2022. Click here to open PDF document.

As the current volume of assets does not enable to manage efficiently the Sub-Fund’s portfolio, the Board of directors, taking into consideration the best interest of investors in accordance with the article 24 of DNB Fund articles of association, decided to liquidate the Sub-Fund.

The Sub-Fund is closed for subscriptions and redemptions as from the effective date of the liquidation.

The final NAV of the Sub-Fund will be calculated on 10 January 2023. Liquidation costs will be borne by DNB Asset Management S.A.

The liquidation proceeds will be paid to the shareholders present in the register of shareholders on 30 December 2022.

Any amount of the liquidation proceeds that could not be distributed to a shareholder of the Sub-Fund and have not been claimed by his legal beneficiary will be kept by the depositary bank of the Sub-Fund during the period of nine months as from the present. After this period the undeliverable liquidation proceeds will be transferred to the Luxemburg public trust office “Caisse de Consignation” to be held for the benefit of the persons entitled thereto.

Board of directors

Luxembourg, 30 December 2022

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